Gelato Ice Cream in Vancouver, Canada
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Welcome to Gelarmony (formerly Mondo Gelato), home of the ultimate flavour experience. We are found in Rome, Beijing, Hawaii, San Diego and Vancouver... and we're working on bringing you more locations.

We are a true gelateria artiginale, producing fresh gelato in small batches. Whether it's the pistachios for the gelato or the gelato making machine, Gelarmony sources all key ingredients and equipment directly from Italy.

We're trying to make sure that your favourite gelato flavours are available whenever you walk into our store... but, with so many fresh and wonderful tasting flavours what can we do?!

Gelato Kings of Vancouver

Gelarmony in the NewsA couple of local businessmen who met in the building industry are the unlikely gelato kings of Vancouver. Almost since the first day it opened on Denman St., Gelarmony has had line-ups out its door and part way down the street. Find out more ...