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About Gelarmony

About Gelarmony

Fresh. Flavourful. Fabulous. Gelarmony gives you the taste of a true artisan style gelateria without going to Italy. With over 100 different flavours from Vanilla to Nutella to the exotic Guava, Gelarmony offers a flavourful delicacy for even the most discriminating taste buds.

Gelarmony is a true gelateria artiginale, producing fresh gelato in small batches. Whether it's the pistachios for the gelato or the gelato making machine, Gelarmony sources all key ingredients and equipment directly from Italy.

Our Mission

Gelarmony is committed to providing quality gelato made in the traditional Italian artisan style using only the freshest ingredients. We are dedicated to providing the customer service and the store ambience that reminiscent an Italian gelateria.

"Ill Sapore Della Dolce Vita" - The Taste of the Good Life