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Our Gelato

About Our Gelato

Satisfy your craving for gelato knowledge with these fulfilling answers to these frequently-asked questions!

What is Gelato?

Pronounced “jel-ah-toe”, gelato is simply Italian for “Ice Cream”.

Is Gelato different from Ice Cream?

Absolutely. Gelato is a flavour-intense product, creamier than even premium ice-creams because less air is whipped in during creation. Our gelato is made fresh in small batches. The result is a smooth, rich, and velvety texture that is irresistible!

What types of Gelato are there?

Gelato comes in many varieties, including

  • traditional dairy-based Gelati,
  • non-dairy, fruit-based Sorbettos,
  • non-dairy, soy protein based Soya Gelati, and
  • Yogurt Gelati with a real yogurt base.

More about the different types you'll find at Gelarmony.

What flavours does Gelarmony create?

Glad you asked. Try the Flavour Player to the right of this screen, or click here for our Flavours page.

What makes Gelarmony different from any other gelato?

Best way to find out is come in and taste it for yourself.. but OK, we can explain that. Find out here.

What else do you make besides gelato?

We create Frozen Yogurt, Gelato Cakes, and more. Take a look at our More Than Just Gelato! page for details. (at select locations)

How many calories does this stuff have?

Hey, c'mon, this is gelato.. it's a treat that you deserve. But if you must know, maybe less than you think. Here are some nutrition facts.