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Gelato Flavours
Visit our Photo Gallery to see close-up shots of some of our popular flavours!

Our Gelato Flavours

Whether its un cono (a cone) or un cuppa (a cup), you'll want to make it duovo gusti (two scoops) with our variety of flavours. We offer a changing selection from our list of over 100 flavours. Of course, some of our customer favourites are always available.

Fresh Flavours!

Here are just some of the flavours we've created over the years. Come into our stores today and see what flavours we have prepared for you!

After Eight refreshing mint with crunchy chocolate pieces
Almond pure almond
Amaretto based on the liquor, almond based flavour
Bacio chocolate with chunks of roasted hazelnut
Biscotti cookie chunks and chocolate swirled into a shortbread base
Black Licorice dark, strong black licorice taste
Black Sesame pure black sesame flavour
Candied Chestnut sweet, candied nut flavour, with bits of chestnut throughout
Caramel a pure, rich caramel
Cherry Swirl milk base with a rich black cherry mix swirled throughout
Chocolate - Dark our richest, darkest chocolate
Chocolate - Milk a lighter version of chocolate
Chocolate Cherry a rich cherry paste mixed into our dark chocolate
Chocolate Coconut chocolate blended with real coconut
Chocolate Marzipan chocolate blended with marzipan, which is an almond-like paste
Chocolate Orange a darker chocolate blended with orange
Chocolate Raspberry chocolate mixed with raspberries
Ciambella an italian spongecake flavour
Cinnamon pure cinnamon
Coconut pure coconut, rich and creamy
Coffee made with fresh espresso, strong and flavourful
Coffee Crisp chocolate wafer swirled in a rich coffee flavoured base
Cream Puff milk base with chocolate and pastry puffs swirled throughout.
Cream Cacao a light, creamy chocolate
Cream Caramel a lighter version of caramel
Croccantino al Rum a rum flavoured gelato with pieces of crunchy nut mixed throughout
Dolce Latte "sweet milk", is a very sweet caramel flavour, like cotton candy
Espresso Crème Brule light coffee gelate mixed with grinded espresso beans
Ferrero Rocher like the chocolate, with pieces of hazelnut and caramel swirl throughout
Fior di Latte "milk", plain and simple, very refreshing
Gianduia chocolate with blended hazelnut
Gianduia Riso a chocolate hazelnut flavour with puffs of rice mixed in
Green Tea pure green tea gelato
Hawaiian Papaya made with fresh papaya
Hazelnut pure hazelnut, rich flavour
Horlicks made with the actual malt drink mix
Indian Mango made with Indian mango, very refreshing
Irish Cream just like the liquor, creamy and smooth
Lemon Cream a custard-like gelato
Maple made with pure canadian maple
Maple Caramel maple gelato swirled with a thick ribbon of caramel cream
Maple Walnut maple mixed with walnut
Marsala Raisin similar to rum-raisin, but done with marsala wine, contains bits of raisin
Marzipan based on the almond paste
Mixed Nut a mixture of almond, hazelnut and macadamia nuts
Nutella made with the spread, chocolate and hazelnut, very rich and creamy
Panettone like the italian desert, with pieces of cake mixed in
Pannacotta "cooked cream", has a flavour similar to creme brulee
Peanut pure peanut gelato
Peanut Butter made with peanut butter
Pina Colada a strong pineapple and coconut mixture
Pistachio pure pistachio, extremely good
Pumpkin just like a pumpkin pie
Raffaello toasted coconut and almond, sweet and creamy, like the candy
Rose made with rose petal extract, tastes like a flower petal
Sorriso Dolce a lighter version of bacio
Stracciatella milk with a slightly crunchy swirl of chocolate
Tartufo similar to a chocolate rum truffle, has a strong nutty rum flavour
Tiramisu just like the desert, some coffee, marscapone cream flavour, chocolate etc
Torroncino nougat, a honey and nut flavour and composition
Vanilla pure vanilla bean gelato
Walnut pure walnut
Whisky Cream a whiskey base with a rich swirl throughout
White Chocolate made with white chocolate, light and creamy
White Mint a refreshing, crisp mint flavour
Zabajone an egg custard, somewhere between custard and egg nog
Zuppa Inglese an english trifle cake, with hints of custard, egg nog and sweet cake

SORBETTO - non dairy fruit based favours

A.C.E. Vitamins Vitamins A, C and E, made with orange, lemon and carrot
Banana pure banana
Blackberry blackberries, rather seedy
Blueberry pure blueberries
Bosc Pear made with fresh bosc pears, seasonal
Cantaloupe fresh cantaloupe, seasonal
Frutti di Bosco a mixture of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries
Grapefruit pink grapefruit, tart and refreshing
Green Apple made with fresh green apple, seasonal
Guava pure guava, seeds removed, seasonal
Honeydew pure honeydew melon, seasonal
Indian Mango indian mango
Kiwi pure kiwi fruit
Limoncello like the liquor, more tart and zesty than Limone
Limone lemon juice, sweet and refreshing
Mandarin refreshing mandarin orange flavour
Nectarine pure white nectarine, seasonal
Orange cool refreshing orange
Papaya pure papaya, seasonal
Peach fresh peaches, seasonal
Peach Mango fresh peaches and mango blended together
Pineapple fresh pineapple, seasonal
Raspberry pure raspberry, some seeds
Rhubarb pure rhubarb, seasonal
Strawberry pure strawberry
Strawberry Banana mixture of strawberries and banana
Strawberry Rhubarb mixture of strawberry and rhubarb
Watermelon fresh watermelon, seedless, seasonal

SOY GELATO - non dairy soy based flavours

A.C.E. Vitamins Orange, lemon and carrots, vitamins A,C, and E
Bacio chocolate with roasted pieces of hazelnut
Banana pure banana
Blackberry pure blackberry
Blueberry pure blueberry
Bran a unique bran flavour, light and creamy
Cappuccino a coffee flavoured soy made with barley
Chocolate pure chocolate
Chocolate Vanilla a mix of both chocolate and vanilla
Coconut real coconut
Coffee real coffee
Frutti di Bosco a mix of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries
Gianduia chocolate with blended hazelnut
Gianduriso chocolate hazelnut with puffs of rice mixed throughout
Green Apple pure, fresh green apple
Green Tea pure green tea
Hazelnut pure hazelnut
Indian Mango pure mango
Moka cappuccino mixed with chocolate
Peach pure peach
Pistachio pure pistachio
Pumpkin pumpkin pie soy gelato
Raspberry pure raspberry
Strawberry pure strawberry
Strawberry Banana a mix of strawberry and banana
Vanilla vanilla bean soy gelato
Yogurt a variety of soy based yogurts, generally fruit based

YOGURT - real yogurt based flavours

Banana pure banana
Black Cherry plain yogurt base with black cherry swirled throughout
Blueberry pure blueberry
Chocolate yogurt with our dark cocoa mixed in
Cranberry Muesli yogurt with dried cranberries and harvest crunch style mixture blended in
Lemon Cranberry cranberries swirled in a rich lemon yogurt base
Mixed Berry frutti di bosco of yogurt
Peach pure peach
Raspberry pure raspberry
Strawberry pure strawberry
Strawberry Banana a mixture of strawberry and banana
Yogurt plain yogurt

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