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Gelarmony in the News

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Olsen on the best light Ice Cream

Chris Olsen Gelarmony on CTV
CTV News

Sales of ice cream are expected to top four billion dollars this year in North America. That's a lot of scoops. But what if you want to cut back on calories? Does light mean less flavour?

On a hot day most of us look forward to a frozen treat and everyone has a flavour combination they enjoy. Gelarmony (formerly known as Mondo Gelato) in Vancouver is made fresh daily without preservatives. Gelato isn't just Italian for ice cream, it's made with whole milk so has less fat than ice cream

"It varies depending what one you have," explained Gelarmony's Jody Yau. "Nine per cent fat content in one serving so it's pretty good."

With 200 flavours, you could have a different two scoop combination for an entire lifetime-- and still not get them all -- unless you lived to be over 100.

The latest flavours? "A Sicilian espresso chocolate one, and our cheesecakes that just came out," said Yau. "A lot of people have been asking about cheesecakes."

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Gelato kings of Vancouver

Gelarmony in the News

Warren Frey
Metro Vancouver News

A couple of local businessmen who met in the building industry are the unlikely gelato kings of Vancouver. Almost since the first day it opened on Denman St. , Gelarmony has had line-ups out its door and part way down the street.

Co-owner and President Maurizio Grande said location, while important, isn't the only reason his company is leading the wave of popularity Italian desserts are seeing in Vancouver.

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The best destination in Vancouver for gelato


Probably the best destination in Vancouver for gelato (Italian ice cream), Gelarmony makes over 60 flavours of 3 different iced delicacies: gelato, sorbetto, and soy gelato. The gelato are very soft and smooth, as they ought to be, and the sorbetto taste very much like fresh fruit. The soy gelato are unexpectedly creamy and tasty. Flavours change often, and include the several varieties of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, as well as the more unusual candied chestnut, almond, white chocolate, mango or guava -- and many, many others.

Gelarmony has another store on Robson street (corner of Bute).

 New gelato flavours leave competition cold

Robin Mines
The Westender

I told a West End friend of mine last week that I was heading down to Denman Street to check out the already-legendary bran gelato at the new Gelarmony . "Bran?" He repeated incredulously. "Ice cream?" He gave me a strange look. "I'm sorry, Robin" he said, "but that's just a little too Kitsilano for me."

It does sound a mite granola-like for this side of town, doesn't it? But trust me: one bite, and you'll be hooked. Matter of fact, bet you'll like every one of the flavours you lick from the miniature sample spoons they (very liberally) hand out at a Gelarmony : for me, a confirmed fanatic.

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Gelarmony has a ton of Flavours


Monday, January 10, 2005

Gelato is another craze that has seemed to hit Vancouver in recent years. The result is that Vancouver is now full of many great gelato places, which make gelato freshly every day. The best place that I've tried is Gelarmony . They have a few locations around Vancouver, three in Beijing and one in Rome.

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The Art of Gelato

Gelarmony in the News

Jim Tober
NUVO Magazine

There is a story, a myth but for its veracity confirmed in blood and olive oil, that gelato was invented by the Saracens during their two eras of rule over Sicily. The first, in the 8th century, was less prolonged, and dedicated more to martial than cultural rule. Thus it was that there was less rather than more sharing of their own culinary secrets and certainly less absorption of same. The second, in the 11th century, was a sustained affair, in which many things were wrought among, them risi-a-bisi, the now commonplace (but then worth more than gold) black pepper, and the elusive cup of iced elegance known, and to a great degree unknown, as gelato.

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D is for Durian

Petti Fong
The Globe & Mail
January 20, 2006

At the Robson Location of Gelarmony , They've stopped selling the durian flavour. Too many Caucasian customers complained about the gas leak in the store whenever they got a whiff of the pungent fruit.

The king of fruit has a cult-like status. Among devotees, durian is so amazingly good, that customers buy it fresh, peel off the spiny cover, eat the creamy centre in the parking lot, then go back inside to buy more, says Melina Hung, marketing manager of T&T supermarkets.

But this odiferous fruit, with the texture of avocado, is too repellent for many. The taste has been compared to the smell of cheese plus a dead body left out in the sun.

In Aberdeen Centre, I could barely finish Gelarmony's freshly made durian gelato because the stench was overwhelming. The BBC lists durian as one of the top 50 foods you must eat before you die. Luckily I can cross it off my list, knowing I'll never have to eat it again.

Gelarmony in Aberdeen Centre is at 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond 604-273-8068

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